Analyze the performance of your store with WiFi technology

Analyze the performance of your store with WiFi technology

Which manager has never dreamed of accurately analyzing the performance of their brand, the number of visitors to the attractiveness of its departments? With the Wi-Fi technology associated with the Boundless Analytics solution, it is now possible to optimize your ROI and get to know your customers better, while complying with the GDPR.


  • Evaluate the attractiveness of the point of sale
  • Optimize the layout of the store
  • Improve staff management
  • Refine its targeting in compliance with the GDPR
  • Analyze performance faster and more efficiently
  • Conduct more relevant strategies to increase ROI


Our solution

Boundless Analytics solution gives retailers a global view of their store performance. More than an analytical solution, Boundless Analytics is a strategic tool and a real decision-making aid! The data, collected passively via the MAC addresses of smartphones, are anonymized. Boundless Analytics solution is 100% compliant with the GDPR.

Visitor flow analysis

• Total number of visitors

• Weekly affluence

• Evolution curve of the number of visitors

• Most visited day

• Day least visited

Traffic in front of the shop

• Weekly traffic

• Peak hours / off-peak hours

• Visit rate of the store

• Best day of passage

Customer journey in the shop

• Heatmaps

• Customer guidance in the aisles of the store

• Stock information


The Boundless Analytics solution provides physical sales outlets for metrics essential for analyzing their overall performance in compliance with the new European legislation, the GDPR. In addition to this first level of analysis, Wi-Fi solutions can be put in place to identify and engage visitors in the store.

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