Boundless Digital has developed a deep integration with many technologies to collect face-to-face data and thus provide accurate visibility of visitor traffic in a given environment.

We use different technologies at our disposal:


How it works?

Wifi is a technology that can collect a lot of information passively by detecting signals from nearby smartphones.

From a Wifi terminal, we are able to capture the identifiers of terminals called MAC addresses but also a delay and a signal strength. We then use the algorithms we developed to analyze these signals to determine their location.

MAC addresses are of course anonymized for reasons of confidentiality and we give the possibility to each visitor to unsubscribe if he did not want his smartphone is captured.




Measure attendance rate

Monitor the impact of a marketing campaign

Improve the customer experience

Optimize the workforce



Our dashboard is accessible from anywhere and retranscribes in real time the data captured by our solutions. It is a unique tool that allows our customers to analyze and monitor:


We assume that each of our customers has its own specificities and therefore its own needs in terms of metrics. The collected data will have real value only if they can be correlated and aggregated centrally.

Boundless Digital puts all its expertise in Machine Learning and Data Visualization to offer personalized dashboards gathering multiple sources of data (wifi, cameras, PoS…)


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