Constitute a customer base in the rules in compliance with the GDPR

Constitute a customer base in the rules in compliance with the GDPR

With the adoption of the GDPR, the marketing departments had to carry out regularization campaigns and must now constitute customer bases based on new procedures for the collection of personal data. Thanks to the captive portal, the Boundless Guest solution allows physical outlets to collect both qualified data and to engage store traffic in a personalized way according to the GDPR.


  1. Set up personalized communication strategies
  2. Interact with the visitor
  3. Refine your targeting
  4. Customize your splash page to the image of the brand
  5. Improve the customer experience


Our solution

Boundless Guest solution allows the sign to provide its visitors with free Wi-Fi access. Through a captive portal, visitors can benefit from various services that will enhance their store experience. Through this device, the brand extracts information allowing it to better know its customers to better support them.

Captive Portal Edition

• Choice of the structure of the captive portal (cutting of the page and means of connection)

• Customization of the content (text and image) of the splash page


• QR codes to flash

• Promotional codes

• Sample offers


• Satisfaction surveys (notations, smileys …)

• Polls on new products and services

• Analysis of customer feedback

Custom suggestions

• Analysis of the purchase history

• Recommendations based on customer preferences


• Design of a visitor database

• Trimming visitors according to their characteristics

• Analysis of customer behavior in stores


With Boundless Guest, the point of sale enriches its customer knowledge and interacts with its visitors in a personalized way, offering them a unique shopping experience. All in the strictest respect of the GDPR.

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