Wi-Fi guests can be exposed to unsuitable websites and malware. Thanks to our partnership with TitanHQ, our cloud content filtering solution allows you to control the content that can be accessed, creates a safe environment to access the internet, and provides your organization with reports regarding network usage.


100% Cloud Based

  • No hardware or software installations required.
  • Fast: DNS solution = zero added latency.
  • Supports static or dynamic IPs. 


Flexible Web Filter with Highly Granular Controls

  • It allows administrators to implement granular control over website content. Controls can be used to filter access by individuals or user groups, or to implement enterprise-wide restrictions, apply bandwidth limitations and restrict Internet access at specific times.
  • The administrator can block or allow access to specific websites categories by tailoring the policy to suit their needs 
  • The solution allows the administrator to use blacklists to outright block access, and whitelists to always permit access to a website or group of websites.


Fully Scalable Solution for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether you are running a single WiFi hotspot or a network of thousands of access points, the web content filter for WiFi hotspots can be rapidly deployed and will actively protect you and your clients within minutes.

Simple & Immediate

Our security offer simplifies WiFi security management. It takes care of all  the complexities of content filtering and security while presenting your customers with a logical interface that requires no training. It requires:

  • NO specialist training,
  • NO software installation and
  • NO need for technical expertise to either set up or manage customer accounts– it’s that simple

It is a DNS based solution requiring a simple DNS redirect to our partner cloud servers. It is therefore simple to set up and manage, completely scalable and avoids any latency effects.